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Diatesse XPER User Instruction bgm (Manual 4 languages)

Diatesse XPER user instruction blood glucose meter (Video 7 languages)

Diatesse XPER Glucosemeter – User instructions – English




Diatesse XPER Glucosemeter – Gebruiksaanwijzing – Nederlands




Blutzuckerkontrollsystem – Deutsch



Système de contrôle de la glycémie – Française


Instrukcja obsługi – Polski

Kullanıcı talimatları – Türk

تعليمات المستخدم – عربي


Diatesse XPER blood glucose meter manual
Diatesse XPER blood glucose meter quick guide

Diatesse XPER ketone measurement (Video and manual 4 languages)

Diatesse XPER Ketone – User instructions – English version




Diatesse XPER Ketonen – Gebruiksaanwijzing – Dutch version




Diatesse XPER – ß-Keton-Teststreifen + Code-Chip-Ketonen – Deutsche fassung




Diatesse XPER – Bandelettes réactives pour ß-cétones + puce de codage des cétones – Version Française




Diatesse XPER Blood Glucose Meter Ketone Manual

Using the Diatesse lancing device soft (Video and manual 4 languages)

Diatesse Lancing Device – User instructions – English




Diatesse XPER Priksysteem-gebruiksaanwijzing – Nederlands




Préparer l’autopiqueur – Française




Stechhilfe vorbereiten – Deutsch



Diatesse lancing device soft manual (4 languages)


Diatesse XPER glucose test strips (Manual 4 languages)

Connection Diatesse XPER via Bluetooth with GlucoCheck App (Video 4 languages)

Diatesse XPER – Using Bluetooth to download your results to GlucoCheck app – English version




Diatesse XPER verbinden via Bluetooth – Nederlands




Diatesse XPER – Téléchargement les résultats de mesure vers un smartphone via Bluetooth – Version Française




Diatesse XPER – Messergebnisse per Bluetooth auf das Smartphone herunterladen


Software for Diatesse XPER - PC connection via USB (Video 4 languages)

Diatesse XPER – PC connection via USB – English




Diatesse XPER USB-verbinding – Nederlands




Messergebnisse per USB-Kabelverbindung auf den PC herunterladen – Deutsch




Les résultats des mesures vers un PC via une connexion par câble USB – Française




Download data to PC
With the help of special software (to be installed on your PC) you can send the results of your Diatesse XPER meter, via a micro USB cable (for Windows 7 and 8) or micro USB cable or Bluetooth® (for Windows 10) and manage it on your computer if you wish. The software is suitable for PCs with Microsoft Windows operating system.


Installation instruction
Download the installation package for Windows 7 and 8 or Windows 10 (from this link) to your PC. If the download is successful, you need to extract the installation package (zip file). This can generally be done by double clicking on the file. In the extracted package you will find the installer (setup), double click on this file and agree to the confirmation question. Now follow the installer’s instructions to install your software. After the installation the software is installed on your PC and can be used by you.


Connecting the meter to a PC via cable connection
Plug the cable into a USB port on your computer. With the meter turned off, plug the other end of the USB cable into the meter’s data port. “USB” will appear on the meter display, indicating that the meter is in communication mode. Select the correct device in the software: Model TD-4289.


Data transmission
Follow the instructions provided with the software to send data. The results are sent with date and time. Remove the cable; the meter will turn off automatically.


The designation “BG” used in the software stands for Blood Glucose measurements. “BP” stands for Blood Presure and “Thermometer” stands for temperature measurements. ONLY “BG” APPLIES.


Your security / anti-virus software may notify you about software downloads. The software you can download here is not malware (no malicious software for your computer). You can safely install this software despite this warning.

W2 Control solution (suitable for Diatesse XPER)

Name: W2 Control solution (suitable for Diatesse XPER)

Content: 4 ml
Art. no.: GD100228
ZI-no: 16078152
EAN: 8718692270633


Control solution contains a known amount of glucose that reacts with the test strips. This is used to check that your meter and test strips are working properly.
When should a control solution test be performed?

  • If you think the test strips or meter are not working properly;
  • When your blood glucose results do not match how you are feeling, or if you suspect the results are inaccurate
  • When practicing the test procedure;
  • If you have dropped the meter or think it may be damaged.


Important note:
The control solution range shown on the test strip vial is for use with control solution only. It is not a recommended range for your blood glucose levels.


Important maintenance tips:

  • Only use W2 Control Solution with your Diatesse blood glucose meter.
  • Do not use the control solution after the expiration date or 3 months after first opening. The advice is to write the date of opening on the vial and discard any remaining solution after the expiry date or 3 months after first opening.